Foamiture Sofas are perfect and the most affordable furniture to place in any room in your home. These unique and affordable Sofas are unlike bulky, heavy wooden-framed furniture that is often troublesome fitting through doorways and hallways of your home. Our Sofas are a breeze to move around in your house, even through stairway after stairway! Simply open your box, cut along the inside of the vacuum-sealed plastic bag and pull out your beautiful foam Sofa and watch it come to life within minutes.

Foamiture foam Sofa's contemporary design will look beautiful in whatever room you decide to place them. Made out of the strongest and most environmentally-friendly foam available in the furniture market today, we take pride in all of our Foamiture furniture. Our best-selling Sofas are no exception to the superior quality in construction that we are committed to in designing and constructing amazingly affordable foam furniture.


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Ellen G. of Wisconsin says:

"I like your website. The pictures of people sitting on the furniture are helpful to get a feel for the size. The delivery was fast and convenient. It arrived at my daughter's dorm very quickly and was very easy to carry up to the room. She had a lot of fun watching it open up. The styling, size, material all seem very nice. The size was perfect for a dorm room. The most appealing part to me is that it is so lightweight and will be easy to move back home and store during the summer. Great idea for a product!"